What We Have To Offer

Succour For Nations Development Initiative operates as an organization that will take up societal concerns and gives it the necessary public attention until the government proffer solution to it or until the public is re-orientated on the subject.


The willingness to acquire more skills and capacity still remains the driving force animating he who wants to go extra miles in life. It is in this regard that SFN has designed two major platforms with the overall purpose to give room to anyone in the society to get equipped and gain capacity in key areas of life thereby enabling him to gain an advantage in society. These two platforms are Value Academy and Thrive Conference.

Value Academy

The dearth of moral values has become the bane in many societies and nations today. Absence of personal values, corporate values, and national values is evidently the bigger problem which unfortunately can hardly be legislated. As part of its contribution to training the youth, SFN has established this platform not just for the acquisition of more skills but mainly to discover the values needed for them to be exemplary citizens in their nations. Knowing that the quality of a people is the quality of the nation, we are poised to provide the knowledge and training to develop and instil these values that will lead to the building of nations

Thrive Conference

Bringing key players and role models on a single platform is also another means by which SFN believes it’s going to fulfill its goals. We understand that in order to get the right people in their right places there is a need to bring together some other young people who have understood life principle and are key players in their various field of endeavor to come coach and mentor by encouraging the younger one to see and realize that they all have what it takes to greatness. It is also a re-orientation platform where people are meant to discover their voices. It is a platform of opportunities for social integration

Social Intervention

Internship/ Skill Acquisition

We endeavour to connect participants of Thrive Conference and graduate of Value Academy with internship Opportunities, skill acquisition and job placements which our strategic partners give us access to from time to time. Our goal is to see that every youth reaches the highest level of personal effectiveness and productivity that will enhance their personal life and build the nation.

Educational Grants

Growing the mind by engaging it with educational information, is one of the core areas of impact and influence for SFN. Thus, we will be providing educational grants to cover tuition fees, textbooks fees, and additional fees for upkeep for as many students requesting support.


As part of its commitment to be a helping hand, SFN organizes outreaches that are focused on meeting the material (Food, Clothing, and Shelter) needs of people in our communities as the need arises. Our outreaches are ways to intervene in the social degradation that has ravaged our society.


As an organization seeking to contribute to the development of African nations, we understand the role of government and her agencies in driving these changes as policy makers and project implementers, hence we offer consultancy services to government agencies by providing the required professional know-how and counsel in areas such as leadership development, Policy Strategies and project implementations.