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Barr. Solape Adesuyi

Solape Adesuyi is a visionary, teacher, helper, and equipper who has a passion to build a new generation of youths who will have clarity and courage to pursue their purposes in life and build the broken walls of their nations. She has over 17 years of experience in working with the youths as a leader who understands the details of their needs.
She has recently begun her work through Succour for Nations Development Initiative an NGO with the mission to build the nations of Africa by engaging in societal transformation through the re-engineering of values in governance and leadership; propagating principles for governing Institutions and Nations through teaching, coaching, training and mentoring young people to become Nation-builders. Solape has a mission to see African nations especially Nigeria move from the status of developing nations to becoming giant nations through developing leadership skills, competence, integrity, and character thereby changing the narrative of governance all over Africa.
Solape Adesuyi is a Legal Practitioner and qualified chartered secretary under the Institute of Chartered Secretary and Administrators (UK & NIG) with over 16 years of practice experience. She is an expert in Company Law and Practice and has served as Company Secretary to several Companies. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and an Alumnus of The Hague Academy of International Law (The Netherlands). Solape has a Master degree in Public Administration from the Covenant University. She is an Alumnus of the School of Politics Policy and Governance and she also hold a Certificate in Leadership from the Institute for National Transformation. She is a facilitator, and conference speaker and has trained many youths helping them discover their true personality and capacity.
Barrister Solape as she is fondly called; serves on the board of some companies and she heads the SAALAW firm (Solape Adesuyi and Associates ) in Lagos Nigeria.

Mr. Cyrille Bahmou

A financial manager by training, an entrep reneur by nature, an insightful consultant by choice, Cyrille is considered to be a tenacious and resilient entrepreneur.

His path has taken him from grace, back in Cameroon, where he had commanded the attention of the media and was blessed with the trappings of good life: cars and houses, to grass into the rough and tumble world of business start-up and finally to a place where he can focus on the part he loves best; that is helping business owners grow their businesses 9X FASTER and increase profitability by 50% by showing them how to magnetically attract a flood of Customers that pay, stay, and refer.

A strategic thinker, analyst and Business Growth Consultant, Cyrille is at the helm of affairs at Charis Business Intelligence Consulting , a data driven marketing firm with the vision to provide cutting edge online marketing solutions to diverse clients.

Cyrille is specially interested in the challenges of accelerating and managing growth.

He has been a consultant since 2017. Before that, I used to run an educational consultancy agency and at the same time  was a publisher of a magazine. But pretty much from the moment he started consulting and working with clients to help them improve their businesses, I knew this was what I wanted to do.

As he progressed in consulting he had to learn how to market and sell. Something which he was far from a natural art and he really struggled with early on.

But thanks to some great mentors, some hard work, and a lot of trial and error he learnt what it takes for someone who isn’t an extrovert and who doesn’t feel comfortable “selling” to be successful at winning clients.

For the last few years he has focused on working with other business owners and startup CEOs teaching them what he has learnt (and continue to learn) about how to win clients helping them attract a flood of customers that PAY, STAY and REFER and in particular, how solo professionals and small firms can win clients without spending all their time on marketing or having to become some kind of technical genius to achieve this.

The sad truth is that, most marketing and sales training for consultants is created by marketing specialists, not consultants. People who love marketing and spend most of their time on it – often with the aid of a full-time team and that’s very different to the reality for most professionals who focus primarily on their client work and need to fit their marketing around that.

To him, it’s simply not practical to learn complex methodologies, highly technical systems for advertising on Facebook or Google, or approaches which involve spending all your time posting on social media.

What we need are simple, practical strategies we can implement quickly and fit into a busy working day.

He believes we don’t need to become super slick salespeople or professional marketers. We just need to use marketing strategies that harness our strengths: our expert knowledge in our fields and our work with clients.

And that’s what he works on with his clients.

Dr. Segun Adaju

I am a clean energy specialist with special focus on financing and project management. My passion has always been to create economic opportunities for the base of the Pyramid (BoP) through innovative solutions that improve the capacity of the poor to earn more income thereby taking them out of poverty. This passion has seen me transform from a core commercial and retail banker to microfinancing and now clean energy finance and development. I have offered my services to key players in this sector in the past years including but not limited to Government of Nigeria (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Power), State Governments in Nigeria (including Lagos, Borno, Niger, Delta, etc), United Nations Development Programme Nigeria, Bank of Industry, BlueOcean Nigeria, DfID Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory facility, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED). I am currently a Coach/Mentor under CTI PFAN to support the West African Forum for Clean Energy Financing (WAFCEF).
My core interest is developing alternative energy solutions for off-grid communities for economic purposes and also support the scaling up of financing for renewable energy development in Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. I am a recipient of various awards of recognition for my roles and have also attended ivy league institutions such as Lagos Business School, Harvard Business School, MIT/SLoan School of Management, Frankfurt School of Management etc.
Outside work, I take a lot of interest in developing and mentoring young entrepreneurs, teaching and facilitating, and also trying to learn how to play a saxophone.
My vision? To displace 1 million small generators in Nigeria used by small businesses by year 2030 and replace with rooftop stand-alone solar solutions. SolarDirect…on your rooftop!

Mrs. Blessing Alagbe

Blessing Alagbe is a Counsellor and Social Worker by profession who has worked with both national and international NGOs for over 10 years.
Blessing is also a trained Advisor with many years of experience. Blessing has a broad range of experience covering Capacity Development, Shelter Management, Empowerment, Psychosocial Support, Conflict Resolution and many more.
A graduate from both the federal universities of Ibadan and Lagos, Blessing’s work as a Counsellor and Social Worker has been in caring and supporting trafficked, smuggled and abused victims by rescuing, rehabilitating and reintegrating them.
Also supporting victims of domestic violence, substance abuse/addiction and persons with suicidal tendencies.
Blessing Alagbe recently started a mental health sensitization assignment to government and private primary schools in Lagos under her registered business name: Hayah360.
One of the major goals of Hayah360, is to forestall and/or treat mental health issues in children (18 & below) by first helping them and their parents know and understand what mental health is so they can build & nurture deep value systems and strong sense of self; adopt healthy mental health habits and mitigate and/or correct unhealthy mental health behaviours by building deep value systems and strong sense of self in the children and their families.
The second major goal is to forestall second generational trauma arising from abuse by letting these children be aware of the signs to spot in a trafficker, abuser or pimp.
This project is tagged Inform and Nurture Them Young (INTY).
She is passionate about supporting vulnerable and disenfranchised people especially youths, women and children and has a track record of working successfully with individuals, families, groups and communities.
She currently sits on the Board of AWYO (African Women and Youth Organization) and also coordinates the Humanitarian unit of Supernatural Life Centre, Lagos.

Mrs. Adenike Apeji

Adenike Apeji is the Creative Director of Renee Golden Multi-Ventures Ltd, a food and beverage business, delivering value through the hygienic processing and packaging of locally made Nigeria products.

She is an entrepreneur with over 16 years diversified exposure spanning with Accounting IT, Customer and Retail Services and Business Development consulting sectors; delivering excellency and value across the small-scale business sector, she possesses practical knowledge and multifaceted experience in strategic leadership, business development, Vocational training education and empowerment.
She is a firm believer in human capacity building and has invested time and skills in developing youths, women, and children. She has been a speaker at Tedx, Lagos, a business mentor at the Lagos Business School (LBS) and a lecturer at the Value Academy. Also, she has been actively involved in creating supply chain and empowering over 100 women and youth who intend to startup a small-scale enterprise in various states in Nigeria.
She is a graduate of Accounting at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. She further obtained a Post graduate diploma in education (PGDE) from Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State and an AWE 2021 ALUNMI.


Mr. Tolulope Ahmed

Tolulope Ahmed (aka Dr. Tee) is a first-class (hons) graduate of Engineering Physics, with the highest CGPA in the Faculty of Science at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria (2009/2010). He holds an honors degree in MSc and an Executive MBA from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and Quantic School of Business and Technology in Washington DC, United States, respectively.

He is an academic intelligence coach and the author of 6 books, who has helped many people achieve excellent results in life and academics. His first book, “10 Laws of Academic Excellence,” has sold over 100,000 copies in 10 years and has produced hundreds of first-class and thousands of top-class graduates at secondary and tertiary institutions. He is also the creator of the PIVOT Games and the Accelerated Learning Textbook Series for Secondary Schools—the first Academic Excellence Textbook in Nigeria.

He is a polymath—a first-class author, disruptive innovator, product designer, a full-stack software engineer, a financial and business intelligence coach, and a premium publisher—passionate about reproducing his achievements in others.

He is a financial intelligence coach whose financial mentoring has helped people grow and manage their finances towards financial freedom. He is certified by the WealthMap Institute, South Africa, and the author of 3 other books, including “9 Steps to Financial Freedom.” He is also the convener of the #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire.

He has won multiple awards of Excellence both in Corporate Nigeria and in Academics. He has featured on radio and TV stations with his message of Excellence, and he currently runs “CAMPUS SUMMITS” (academics and finances) for higher institutions and secondary schools.

He is the co-founder of MyFund, a fintech platform that helps working-class people save towards owning properties for a lifetime rental income. He is also the convener of the National Hostel Project at MyFund.

He is the CEO of ValuePlus Publishing, a world-class publishing company that helps people express themselves more excellently.

He has a personal vision to reproduce his achievements in others and empower the youths of Nigeria towards achieving the nation’s dream in the nearest future [Vision 2035] in the process.

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